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Saturday July 4th, 2015

$17,000 in Cash and Trophies

2014 winners


The Edinburg Chamber of Commerce celebrates Texas Cook’em: High Steaks in Edinburg on July 4th weekend at the Edinburg Municipal Park on 714 Raul Longoria.

Texas Cook’em is the valley’s biggest and only IBCA sanctioned Steak cook off featuring T-Bone steak, chicken, ribs and brisket. Competitors pay only $200 for all four categories with over $17,000 in prize money to be awarded to the top winners.

Join Texas Cook’em each year for fireworks and live music, family fun zone, barbeque and more! Stay tuned for upcoming news regarding the Valley’s largest Steak Cook Off!


Photo Gallery

Edinburg Municipal Park
714 S. Raul Longoria
Edinburg Texas, 78539

Winners of the 9th Annual Event - 2014

2014 Grand Champion
Grand Champion
Cruz Tijerina, Boot Co.

2014 Reserve champion
Reserve Grand Champion
Joey Smith, Joe's Cookshack

 Chicken P S Ribs
1Cruz Tijerina
Boot Co.
1Al Velez
Smokin' Toros
2Joey Smith
Joe's Cookshack
2Ruben Ramirez Jr.
Team Buffa
3Danny Luera
3Cruz Tijerina
Boot Co.
4Lenny Ybanez
Coastal City Smokers
4Hector Villanueva
Killer V. BBQ
5Gilbert Ellis
Big Blue BBQ
5Steve A. Shamlian
!SAS! Cooking Team
6Dennis Kolar
Stone Cold Cooking Team
6Louie Liendo
Toro Loco Cookers
7Ralph Flores
Cowboy Up
7Glenn Jarrett
She Thinks My Slabs R Sexy
8Joe Castillo
The Worms Cooking Team
8Michelle Wade
Nothing Fancy
9Al Velez
Smokin' Toros
9Ray Bower
The Dim Fiefelmann Cookers
10Ronnie Wade
Blazin BBQ
10Gilbert Ellis
Big Blue BBQ
BrisketT-Bone Steak
1Ronnie Wade
Blazin BBQ
1Arnie Segovia
Smokin Lonestar
2Joey Smith
Joe's Cookshack
2Fred Robles
Rio Valley Meat
3Marco Casanova
No- Nonsense BBQ
3Andrew Heckman
Honkey Tonk Smokers
4Rusty Havelka
Team Woody
4Cruz Tijerina
Boot Co.
5Diane Jarrett
Lady Bug Cookers
5Mario Benavidez
Chillin' N Grillin'
6Louie Liendo
Toro Loco Cookers
6Ben Gonzalez
Primetime Cooking Team
7Shawn Wilke
Rodeo Smoke
7Roy Funetes
Texan Griller
8Monte Brown
Trash Can Cookers
8Ernest Villanueva
Iorn Faith BBQ Team
9Hector Padilla
Lacks Grillers
9Michelle Wade
Nothing Fancy
10Chuck Salinas
Aver Que Sale
10Steve A. Shamlian
!SAS! Cooking Team
1Hector Villanueva
Killer V BBQ
1Cruz Tijerina
Boot Co.
2Joey Smith
Joe's Cookshack
3Al Velez
Smokin' Toros
4Ronnie Wade
Blazin BBQ
5Louie Liendo
Toro Loco Cookers
6Arnie Segovia
Smokin Lonestar
7Fred Robles
Rio Valley Meat
8Ruben Ramirez Jr.
Team Buffa
9Marco Casanova
No- Nonsense BBQ
10Danny Luera

July 5, 2014
Number of Cooks: 109


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