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February 23-26, 2017

Fiesta Edinburg is the Edinburg Chamber’s largest celebration. Besides being a fun, quality of life event for the city of Edinburg and the Rio Grande Valley, Fiesta Edinburg also symbolizes an important moment in Edinburg’s history. Fiesta Edinburg is known as a big party that was initially created to commemorate Edinburg’s County Seat.

Edinburg, Texas became the county seat of Hidalgo County in a dramatic, nighttime covert operation in which the county records were removed from the previous county seat, Hidalgo, Texas. When Dennis Chapin was involved in a murder, the community changed its name to Edinburg to honor a prominent businessman who was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Edinburg was incorporated in 1919. Now going back to the party, Fiesta Edinburg celebrates more than 40 years of family fun. Currently, Fiesta Edinburg is a week-long celebration that takes place at the Edinburg Municipal Park. Major attractions such as the Heart of America Carnival, regional food, arts/crafts plus top notch entertainment are a large draw to the community festival.

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